Mad-Croc Story

MAD-CROC Energydrink & Gum, the well-known product with the one-of-a-kind taste now has an entirely new look. With these guidelines we present an outstanding redesign of MAD-CROC and its complete product range. Come with us and enter the new and exciting world  of MAD-CROC. 
Enjoy good taste!


MAD-CROC has always been a strong and representative brand and more than ever will remain so in the future. A brand which appears anything but ordinary and has always had a hint of wildness to it. The redesigned logo has in a new look, more ragged than the rather clean version before. The time has  come for MAD-CROC to become more aggressive and crazy.


Crocodiles are an ancient lineage and they survived great extinction events for more than 200 million years old. As in nature, only the strong will survive and this step will take MAD-CROC as a brand to a whole new level.


The MAD-CROC Success factors:

•Broad product range.

• Innovative Stimulating Brand and design.

• More than 14 years of Worldwide experience.

• Supplier well established Supermarket chains.

• Strongly promised as – Better Tasting, Better Packaging and
  more appealing to young  people and young adults.

• Better energy build up than competitive brands

• Big global presence in sports, sponsorships and events.


MAD-CROC Energy Products:

• Mad-Croc Energy Drink 250ml & 500ml

• Mad-Croc Sugar Free Energy Drink 250ml & 500ml

• Mad-Croc Energy Cola 250ml & 500ml

• Mad-Croc Energy Coffee 250ml

• Mad-Croc Energy Choc 250ml

• Mad-Croc Juiced Energy Green Apple 250ml & 500ml

• Mad-Croc Juiced Energy Cola Orange 250ml & 500ml

• Mad-Croc Energy Liquorice

• Mad-Croc Energy Gum

• Mad-Croc Energy Wine Gum


Mad-Croc Energy Drinks have a great new look and the most dynamic, exciting marketing support in the industry. Combined with the taste that beats the number one player, it makes Mad-Croc the energy drink to consume! Mad-Croc is one key part of a whole line of energy products including great tasting Mad-Croc Energy Gums, Energy Wine Gun and Mad Croc Chews.  These products are in more than 250,000 retail outlets and has given Mad-Croc name exposure as no other energy drinks can claim.